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David L. Harrison 

I'm disappointed when someone hijacks a spot on my guestbook, which is reserved for friends and readers to leave their comments, to leave ads for something they hope to sell without paying for the space. I can't stop you, but I can tell you that I wouldn't consider buying anything from anyone as underhanded as you, and hope that no one else who visits my guestbook will either.

Jeanne Sevart Email

Hi David,
I have always admired your work.  I teach the international students at MSU.  I also am a member of the Springfield Writer's Guild.  I was very inspired by your presentation last fall.
Nice blog!

Frank Lloyd Kramer Email

I see in your blog that you are looking forward to spring. Me too.

Spring has sprung
the grass has risen,
trees are freed
from winter prison.

I am considering taking your workshop at Highlights in August.

MIchelle Kogan Email

Hi David,

I'm honored to sign your guest book. Enjoy following what you are up to and the challenges you present us with!!! And then of course your poetry which moves from sublime to spooktacular! Many Thanks.

Teresa Robeson 

You know you're special when I'm taking a blogging break and I still secretly read your blog posts and come sign your guest book by request.

I can't remember whether I found you through Renee or Douglas or some poet friend but I'm glad I did as you brighten my day with your poetic take on life.

As they say in hip poet circles (or not), "Rhyme on, dude!"
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